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Welcome to the GO Windlass website. The GO Windlass is a canal lock key designed to ease the operation of lock paddles on the inland waterways of England and Wales. This ratchet windlass is strong, easy to use, and fits standard tapered spindles on the waterways. ** see bottom of page.

The windlass features a reversible ratchet socket for raising lock paddles with a pump action and a separate integral socket for controlled descent. Unlike a conventional windlass, which requires significant effort in all positions, the GO Windlass allows you to pump the handle while standing upright, eliminating the need for full rotation.

The GO Canal Windlass truly simplifies lock operation. It accommodates different statures and varying lock layouts, allowing you to position yourself optimally. All our testimonials are genuine; see some snippets below.


The GO Windlass now features a revolving handle. This version has a durable polycarbonate outer tubing, reducing hand friction and providing a comfortable ergonomic feel. It also prevents the handle from becoming too hot or too cold due to varying weather conditions.

Engineered for versatility, the GO Windlass can switch between a revolving handle and a fixed handle using a hex key.

All windlasses have a re-shaped socket face for smoother placement on the lock spindle. Additionally, the retaining circlip for the socket is concealed, giving a sleeker chrome finish.

The GO Windlass weighs 1010 grams (fixed handle) and 1040 grams (revolving handle).

All GO Windlass despatches include parcel tracking. Our prices cover postage and packing.

The handle offers a comfortable yet secure grip, large enough for both hands. The ratcheting motion allows you to pump or wind the spindle in the most comfortable manner, in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions depending on your situation.

We have meticulously designed the GO Windlass for dependability, safety, and an acceptable weight.

** The GO Windlass will not fit non-standard sized tapered spindles (smaller spindles on swing bridges / large square hydraulics) found in some areas, particularly on the Grand Union Canal between Napton Junction and Kingswood Junction (including Hatton and Stockton locks) and those around Calcutt, which tend to have larger "kettle" hydraulic gates.

We are confident you will find the GO Windlass a valuable asset onboard. If you have purchased one, we would love to hear your feedback. Please use our feedback form; we read all comments and appreciate hearing about your experiences.