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Welcome to the GO Windlass web site, The GO Windlass is a Canal Lock Key designed to ease the operating of lock paddles on the inland waterways across England and Wales. The GO Windlass is a ratchet windlass with an assured action which is strong, easy to use and is designed to fit standard tapered spindles on the inland waterways. ** see bottom of page.

The windlass has a reversible ratcheted socket for raising lock paddles which allows a pump action, and a separate integral socket for controlling the descent. When raising a canal lock with a conventional windlass, applying considerable effort is often required in all leveraging positions. 

Using the GOWindlass completely eliminates the need to rotate the windlass through 360 degrees and allows you to pump the handle whilst standing in an upright position.

The GO Canal Windlass really does help to crack that lock. We all have different stature and each lock we come across may be laid out differently. The GO Windlass lets you position yourself in the most optimum way for you. All of our testimonials are genuine, some snippets here-

"I am thrilled to bits with the new GoWindlass"
" all the easier for me using your amazing product"
"best thing since slice bread on the day"

Check out the full list of our Customer Testimonials here.

New Features and benefits for GO Windlass


GOWindlass now has a revolving handle. The rotating handle version has a tough poly-carbonate outer tubing which gives less friction on the hand and a comfy ergonomic feel when in use.  This also avoids the "too hot in the sun" or "too cold to hold" metal handle due to differing weather conditions.

The GOWindlass is  engineered so that any windlasses purchased with a revolving handle can be reverted to the fixed handle or back again with the use of a hex key.

All windlasses have a re-shaped socket face that makes the locating of the windlass onto the lock spindle slicker.

In addition we conceal the retaining circlip for the socket giving a smarter than ever chrome surface finish.

 The GO Windlass weighs 1010 grams (fixed handle) 1040 grams (revolving handle).

All GO Windlass despatches are sent with parcel tracking.

Our prices include Post and Packing.

The handle provides a comfortable but sure grip and is large enough to accommodate holding with both hands. The ratcheting motion allows you to pump or wind the spindle in a manner most comfortable for your own personal use. It can be used in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction depending on your situation.

We have carefully considered the optimum design for the “GO” Windlass to ensure dependability, safety in use and an acceptable weight.
** The GO Windlass will not fit non standard sized tapered spindles found in some areas particularly on the Grand Union canal between Napton junction and Kingswood junction (which include Hatton and Stockton locks) and those around Calcutt. These tend to be the more modern ”kettle” hydraulic gates which have larger taper.
We are confident that you will find the GO Windlass an asset to have onboard. If you have purchased one we would love to hear how you are getting on with the GO. Please do use our feedback form.  We read all feedback, welcome your comments and like to hear about your experiences.