About the GO Windlass Team


We are Leicestershire based narrowboat enthusiasts

During our time cruising the canals, we noted that inummerable people wrestled with opening and closing the lock paddles using a conventional windlass or canal lock key. We were determined to find a solution to make boating a generally more  pleasurable and less strenuous.

As a result, a few years ago we designed a very basic ratchet windlass to tackle the opening and closing of  lock gates with ease. This one-off proved to be very successful and provoked a lot of comments from fellow boaters who expressed an interest in acquiring one. 

From this prototype we have spent many hours designing and refining the product from the ground-up and the "GO Windlass" now combines a ratcheting socket with a fixed socket in a single lightweight windlass. We hope this unique design will give fellow boaters a safe and more enjoyable experience on the inland waterways.

The GO Windlass is a geared canal windlass and is is intended to be an all in one windlass that fits all standard tapered spindles. It is simple, robust, practical and dependable. 

If you have already purchased one, we are sure that it meets your needs and expectations.