£ 94.99 each

The GOWindlass is the lightest reversible ratcheting Canal Windlass available and in addition benefits from a fixed socket for the safe, controlled and easy lowering of paddles.

The GO Windless sports a revolving handle and is designed to ease the operating of lock paddles on the waterways across England and Wales. The GO Windlass is a ratcheted windlass with an assured action which is strong and easy to use and is designed to fit lock paddles of the Tapered variety.

Good leverage and choice of angle is provided when using the ratchet (with its longer reach) to raise a paddlle, and conversely a smaller convenent radius turn when lowering a paddle using the fixed socket.

Fitting standard tapered spindles on UK Canals the windlass allows boaters to apply optimum force when opening locks to suit their height weight in any given circumstances.

Simple to use, robust, puposely designed and smartly finished this lightweight 1Kg windlass sits easily in the hand for carrying and sports a revolving polycarbonate plastic handle.

The revolving handle ensures a comfortable frictionless grip (and so is easier on the hands), as well as giving protection from the too cold or hot too handle effects of the weather.