Frequently Asked Questions

The Ratchet Windlass with attractive qualities..

magnets will love the GOWindlass, even small ones!

Ratchet Windlass Magnetic attraction of the GOWindlass canal boat windlass


Q: How is GO Windlass different to standard Windlasses?

The GO Windlass uniquely combines a reversible ratchet socket with a fixed socket in a single product. When raising lock paddles winding is assisted by the ratchet mechanism. A second fixed socket is provided specifically for the safe and controlled lowering of lock paddles.

Q: Who will want a GO Windlass?

Everyone! Go Windlass takes the stress and strain out of opening and closing locks that may arise when using a conventional windlass. Very little effort is required to open the paddles when using this windlass. Please read the testimonials.

Q: What is GO Windlass made of? - Carbon Steel

The GO Windlass is made of #45 carbon steel, it is hardened and tempered during production to provide optimum strength and robustness. It has then been fully chrome plated.

Q: How much does the GO Windlass weigh? - 1010 Grams (Fixed Handle) and 1040 Grams (Revolving Handle)

Ensuring the weight is kept to a minimum without compromising strength, has been an important consideration in the GO Windlass design. 

Q: How much does the GO Windlass cost?

The GO Windlass is available for £79.99 including post and packing when delivered to England, Wales and Scotland (excluding Highlands and Islands).

Q: Why Buy a GO Windlass?

For all of the above reasons! The Go Windlass is a product that is designed to make lock work pleasurable and assist boaters of all ages and dexterties. 

* Buy one now and see what a difference it makes to your time on the canals.