GO Windlass (B GRADE) Revolving Handle

£ 56.99 each

GOWindlass Stock Clearance -  Revolving Handle Windlasses - Seconds

These windlasses are brand new, but typically may have:manufacture or finsihing fault such as tarnishing (imperfect chrome plating), markings (sctratches) from manufacture or be mis-shapen.

 All have polycarbonate revolving handles, are unused and are fully working.The revolving handle ensures a comfortable frictionless grip (and so is easier on the hands), as well as protection from the too cold or hot to handle effects of the weather.

These are the same lightweight reversible ratcheting Canal Windlass with a fixed socket for the controlled and easy lowering of paddles.

Fitting standard tapered spindles on UK Canals the windlass allows boaters to apply optimum force opening locks to suit their height weight in the given circumstances.

Simple to use, smartly finished and robust, they are designed and engineered to ease the winding of lock paddles. Weighing just 1Kg, the windlass fits easily in the hand for comfortable carrying.