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20/7/2018 Yvonne (Crick Purchase)

I love my easy winding ratchet windlass, its easy to use..

2/6/2018 Carol Hamilton-King, Facebook

Quite simply the best windlass ever!!!

26/5/2018 Jo, Mercia Marina

..we've been out cruising for three weeks and I've used
the GoWindlass throughout that time. I love it. It excited a lot of
interest from everyone and I was happy to show it off, pass it over
for people to have a look at. Volunteer Lock Keepers liked it. And it
absolutely came into its own with me because I managed to slip off the
stern of the boat and crash down onto the bank, resulting in severely
squashed muscles and soft tissue all down the left side of my rib
cage. The ratchet on the GoWindlass came into its own big time because
whilst I could still 'push' with care, 'pulling' was impossible.

I'm very very happy with it and intend to use it all the time for
ever. I like the midway length between short and long throw windlass,
the bit of extra weight it has, the engineering of it and the
inclusion of the 'lowering' hole which makes a lot of sense.


11/05/2018  K Stevenson

 "My wife used her new Go Windlass at Easter and found it

to be very helpful for opening those stiff paddles especially at Hillmorton and Whilton."

21/03/2018 Towpath Talk, Ratchet Windlass Review

Towpath Talk have commissioned an independant review of the GO Windlass which is published in the 
Products & Services section of the April 2018 edition.

The article is headed-

"The go-to windlass for making light work of locking" and is written by experienced boater and reviewer Les Heath which states:-

"THERE'S welcome news for all boaters out there who struggle with stiff lock gear while their partners remain on the boat. A new lightweight ratchet windlass, designed to take the effort out of stiff paddle operation, is now available for those back-breaking locks we all hate. Weighing considerably less than other ratchet windlasses the GOWindlass has a unique dual facility – a ratchet to allow pump action on difficult locks and a fixed socket on the same shaft to provide safe lowering of the paddles. The reversible mechanism eliminates the need to rotate the windlass through 360 degrees and allows safe operation from a normal standing position. At just under 1kg this new piece of kit is a must to have on board. They are produced by Leicestershire-based canal enthusiasts GOWindlass.co.uk and cost £79.99"

Two photos accompany the canal windlass review to highlight that "The windlass has a reversible 

mechanism" and that it is a "lightweight ratchet windlass".

10/02/2018 - "Ellen" Boatshare

"Wishing all on the GO Windlass team a successfull long awaited 2018 public launch of the the "GO Windlass" - the innovative Ratchet Windlass from all of us on board "Ellen".

1/02/2018 Customer Feedback

"Lightweight and easy to use. I can recommend the product."